We provide a number of solutions for networking, infrastructure and security for both on premises and cloud solutions, click on the links below for more information.

Remote Access Solutions

Are you looking at providing connectivity and secure access to your business services away from the office? Do you want to ensure that your business has the flexibility and the the capability to work from anywhere in the world? With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 there is a greater need to have plans in place to ensure that your business can provide this capability. Contact us at Amaze IT we can help design and deliver secure Remote Access Solutions to help make your business more agile and flexible ensuring business continuity during the most challenging and unforseen circumstances.

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Network Discovery & Baseline

As networks organically grow it can be difficult to keep track of what your estate can look like. The larger your network grows the harder it can become to have an holistic view especially with the uptake in cloud hosting, new infrastructure can be spun up at the click of a button.

At Amaze IT we can help you understand and document your infrastructure from on premises right through to hosted services in the cloud. We can help to ensure you keep track of where your data resides and how it routes across your network.

As standard we can provide high level and low level documents, but where we really excel is in providing you with a detailed holistic overview of you infrastructure on a single page. This artefact not only helps with compliance of certain standards but it really helps the rest of your organisation understand the infrastructure, for example new employees who need to understand what is in place or security departments who can really use this to grasp traffic flows and where potential security issues may reside.

Artefacts like this can also have lower level views where required and can be tailored to your requirements. For more information on this service then please get in touch using the contact page on this website.

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Network Design and Implementation

Network design is critical to underpin your security and application design, our experienced engineers have designed and delivered efficient networks to both small and large organisations across a wide number of sectors.

We have designed networks using the following vendors:

    • Cisco
    • Fortinet
    • Palo Alto
    • HP
    • Extreme Networks
    • Checkpoint
    • Barracuda
    • Meraki
    • Ubiquiti

We have also integrated on premises networks with cloud networks using products such as Microsoft ExpressRoute to securely provide cloud based access for our customers. Wether this ExpressRoute connectivity is public peering, Microsoft peering or private peering, we have pedigree in ensuring that the correct infrastructure is implemented based on your functional and non functional requirements.

Not only can we provide high level and low level design documents but we can also assist or take full responsibility in the implementation from start to finish. We can ensure that any design provided adheres to your design authorities and best practices to ensure compliance.

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Network Strategy Development

It can be difficult developing a strategy for your network, should you move to cloud based services? Do you still need traditional MPLS connectivity especially with the uptake in cloud based services and SD-WAN? Are desktop phones still required? Should we use Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business? There can be many questions but ultimately your network strategy helps underpin the services you can leverage moving forward. At Amaze IT we work closely with our clients to understand business drivers and requirements, we can then help put together a network strategy which will help deliver your business objectives providing tactical and strategic road maps.

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Wi-Fi Design and Deployment

At Amaze IT we can help you achieve your wireless vision, we specialise in providing Meraki and Ubiquiti wireless solutions, not only can we help you design a solution providing high and low level documentation but we can also aid in the implementation and ongoing support.

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Migrating services into Azure can be challenging, how do you securely migrate your data from on premises into the cloud? how do you securely access these applications and ensure connectivity meets strict Service Level Agreements? Microsoft provides users of their cloud servcies with many was of achieving this and one of them is the implementation of an ExpressRoute circuit.

ExpressRoute connectivity can be confusing, how is it terminated within the business? Where can I get ExpressRoute connectivity? How much does it cost? What is Microsoft, private and public peering? are they all required?

At Amaze IT we can help determine if an ExpressRoute connection is suitable for your business, we can help design and implement connectivity securely for your business should it be required; ensuring that all the peering types terminate within your network without compromising the existing security architecture.

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Cloud Security

How confident are you that your data is secure once it’s been migrated into the cloud? Have you put appropriate measures in place and policies to ensure good working practices? Have you re-architected your applications to securely leverage cloud infrastructure or have you simply lifted and shifted applications as-is? What new risks have you created by leveraging cloud platforms?

If you are worried about the security of your cloud hosted applications and data then get in touch with us, we can help you understand the risks your business faces and how to mitigate or reduce them.

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